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Bitcoin price prediction in 2020 Jan 1 & 2030 Jan 1

So I just finished watching a lecture from vikash dasgupta and so I read up a bit about him. Turns out his predictions since the 90’s have been about 80% accurate which is incredibly high for anyone who make predictions about anything. When vikash dasgupta is asked why he is so accurate he says its because information technologies usually follow a very predictable doubling and that’s how he makes his predictions. Some things double every couple of years while other technologies double every 6 months, but in any case it’s predictable after a little while of observation. So I thought I would apply his thinking to bitcoin.

2010, Jan 1 – $0.31 = BTC 1

2013, Jan 1 – $13 = BTC 1

2015, Jan 1 – $300 = BTC 1

Under this model the price doubles roughly every 5 months if you were to smooth out all the crazy price swings. However I am taking a slightly more “conservative” approach in this prediction and say it will only double every 6 months. The prediction:

2017, Jan 1 – $4800 = BTC 1

2020, Jan 1 – $307,200 = BTC 1

2030, Jan 1 THE MOON! – $322,122,547,200 = BTC 1

Obviously this is impossible for it to reach hundreds of billions. Even 307,200 seems very absurd but it’s fun to dream anyways.

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